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Middlebury College Digital Lecture Archive

The Middlebury College Digital Lecture Archive includes video of lectures and events from Middlebury College. Lectures and addresses included in this collection have been delivered by speakers from many institutions on a variety of critical topics, and are made available whenever possible via the Internet Archive and other online platforms.

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Middlebury College Digital Lecture Archive
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Arthur Hertzberg delivers the inaugural Hannah A. Quint Lecture in Jewish Studies, examining the historical context that continues to form the religious and political atmosphere of the Middle East. In particular, he presents the Jewish and the Arab response to the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Hertzberg argues that progress toward peace in the Middle East would come only through agreements reached by means of intervention by the superpowers.
Topics: Jewish-Arab relations, Nationalism, Zionism, Israel, Palestine, Middle East -- Civilization, Hannah...